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sHe Eco Investments (sHEI) dba sHe Eco Homes is a women-owned & operated residential custom home builder established in Dallas, Texas in 2021.


From the sustainable materials that go into the construction of our homes, to the innovative technology and energy efficiencies, our sHe Eco Homes are leading the charge on building more sustainable and eco-friendly homes for a better tomorrow. For the life of each project, we ensure thoroughness and precision to eliminate waste and emittance of greenhouse gases (GHG) with each development we build.

My commitment is to leave future generations a safer, healthier and a more environmentally conscious planet.

Building homes that make a difference.

Michelle-Carter Love

Michelle Carter-Love, Founder & CEO

Our Story

As professional builders, the talented women at sHe Eco Homes bring over 50 years of experience in construction, real estate, finance, marketing, and advertising. Our CEO is a U.S. Armed Forces veteran who is a champion for earth protection and who has a demonstrated commitment to service and responsible leadership.

She Eco Home Team

Our Vision

To achieve carbon neutrality in home construction by accelerating Net-Zero standards that improve the quality of health and safety for humans and the environment.

She Eco Home

Our Commitment

We construct captivating, eco-friendly homes while building long-lasting relationships with our homebuyers. With each home, we are committed to giving full attention to every project step and maintaining our competitive position in the industry through innovative designs and first-rate oversight.  

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