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Our commitment is to leave future generations a safer, healthier and more environmentally conscious planet.

sHe Eco Homes is a women-owned & operated residential custom home builder established in Dallas, Texas in 2021.


From the sustainable materials that go into the construction of our homes, to the innovative technology and energy efficiencies, our sHe Eco Homes are leading the charge on building more sustainable and eco-friendly homes for a better tomorrow. For the life of each project, we ensure thoroughness and precision to eliminate waste and emittance of greenhouse gases with each development we build.


She Eco Homes Team

As professional builders, the talented women at sHe Eco Homes bring over 50 years of experience in construction, real estate, finance, marketing, and advertising. Our CEO is a U.S. Armed Forces veteran who is a champion for earth protection and who has a demonstrated commitment to service and responsible leadership.

Our Story

From the sustainable materials that go into the construction of our homes, to the innovative technology and energy efficiencies, our sHe Eco Homes are leading the charge on building more sustainable and eco-friendly homes for a better tomorrow. For the life of each project, we ensure thoroughness and precision to eliminate waste and emittance of greenhouse gases (GHG) with each development we build.

What we Value


We firmly believe that every new housing development and community should begin with a zero-waste strategy. This approach creates long-term value by conserving financial and environmental resources through the efficient use of materials, energy, water, and labor.

Safety & Security


sHe Eco is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and construction that will  demonstrate how emerging materials can be integrated to create a Net-Zero neighborhood that sets new standards in the industry.



We have identified a solution, and it starts with recognizing that our way of building determines our way of living. The way we construct is undergoing a transformation and using eco-friendly and sustainable building materials and integrating smart technologies can indeed reduce carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency in our communities. It's important to us to keep promoting these sustainable building methods to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building culture within the construction industry.

Growth & Innovation 


It's important to ensure that our collaborations are built on a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, a shared vision, and a commitment to sustainability. Having the right partners and a well-executed plan, our vision for a sustainable and environmentally conscious neighborhoods, can indeed become a vibrant reality everywhere.

Team Work


Involving the community early in the planning process is essential for gaining support and creating a neighborhood that aligns with the desires and needs of local residents and the municipalities we develop.

Community Outreach


Our community developments are rooted
in values that prioritize the protection of the earth, leading us to invest in HERS Index/LEED design and construction that is healthier and more environmentally sustainable than 

conventional alternatives.
sHe Eco builds certified Net-Zero homes powered by renewable energy sources. We prioritize thoroughness and precision throughout each project, incorporating energy-efficient options into every aspect of our homes.



Meet The Team

Michelle Carter-Love

Founder & CEO

Michelle Carter-Love is an entrepreneur and business owner who is proactive in tackling financially and environmentally impactful issues. She brings over 25 years' experience in the financial industry and has received many awards as a top sales performer and honored military member in the US Army.

A licensed financial coach, Michelle has partnered with other CEOs, executives, and many visionaries to raise the bar in environmental responsibility that will impact the future of home buying choices. She is committed to combat global warming by reducing waste and emissions created by home building practices. Through sHe Eco, Michelle hopes to promote sustainable, clean energy and eco-friendly practices while continuously educating each community of the importance of getting involved and learning how to be responsible stewards to safeguard our planet.

Michelle-Carter Love

Tracy Harris


Tracy has over 25 years in Healthcare IT with a focus in Project Management. As COO of sHe Eco her experience and certifications to manage vendor partnerships that align with the overall goal to reduce GHG is paramount to the success of sHe Eco's operations. She is also an avid gardener and true advocate of sustainable living.

Tracy Harris

Laura Macon

Real Estate Director

Laura Macon was born in Garden City Michigan and moved to Richardson TX at the age of 3 years old. Spending the majority of her life in the Richardson and the Plano area, being called a “True Texan” has become second nature. Laura has been in sales for over 26 years with a focus on design, construction, flipping houses, and Real Estate. As a real estate agent, Laura’s focus is all about the client. Laura holds many real estate designations to show her education in Real Estate and continues to attend continued education classes each year. Laura treats her clients as if they are her only client giving them the attention they deserve. 

Laura Macon

Taylor Young

Social Media Manager

Taylor Young has a background in psychology and healthcare, and she brings 6 years of experience in web design and graphic design. Her client portfolio includes multiple, prominent individuals and small businesses for whom she provided website enhancement and social media management services. She is an advocate for entrepreneurship where she pushes the importance of marketing and she's dedicated to branding women trailblazing for climate change. 

Taylor Young

Letitia Brown Moore

Project Site Director

Letitia Brown is the Community Development Manager for the City of Austin, Texas Housing and Planning Department.  With an M.A in Human Services and a B.A. in Marketing. She has twenty-seven years of experience in housing and community development with the large municipalities of Dallas and Austin.  A hands-on industry leader, Letitia has a proven track record of providing oversight and effective leadership to complex projects utilizing local, state, and federal regulations.

Letitia Brown Moore

Megan Donadio

Operations Support

Megan Donadio is a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise, boasting over 15 years of experience in Project Management, Process Improvement, and Business Development. Her dedication to excellence has made her an invaluable asset. Megan's impressive track record includes playing a pivotal role in helping clients secure millions in new business, a testament to her strategic acumen and client-focused approach. With a passion for driving results and a proven ability to navigate complex projects, Megan is a dynamic leader committed to achieving success.

Megan Donadio
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